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Spoiled Autos, LLC, based outside of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, sells and installs high-quality and affordable LED lighting enhancements. Spoiled Autos LED bulbs yield endless options for boats, ATVs, and vehicles, including high beams, low beams, fogs, reverse, and rock light accents. They are luxurious lighting options that outperform OEM stock lighting options, producing a clearer and whiter appearance that is longer-lasting and more efficient, while remaining affordable. 

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benefits of LED lighting

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Energy Efficient

Put less strain on your car's power supply. Better for the environment!

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Ultra Long Life

Premium LED automotive bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours

Easy Installation

Bulbs have a Plug & Play design making it easy for anyone to install.

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Improved Brightness 
LED bulbs' higher output represents a 3-4X increase in brightness over traditional bulbs.

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Compromised night vision is one of the biggest driving hazards. LED bulbs are a great way to improve safety behind the wheel.

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Cost Saving
LED cost-efficiency is the reason they are now the #1 choice for drivers.

Stock  vs.  LED


Low Beam

High Beam



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